Cork, Trip to Shannon, then Home - June 29-July 2, 2003

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"It's tail-waggin' good!"


Sunday was a free day until about 4PM when Christie and Butch were to thrill us with their feats of dulcimer prowess.  Since it was raining, we drove over to the Corner House pub where the last event of the fest would take place.  This concert was one I had been awaiting eagerly - Christie and Butch!  They have a great sound there, and we heard Christie sing a ballad, too.  Great stuff!

Butch and Christie


Butch and Christie


John, Jenny, Irene, Nat and Bob

The session was good, and we had a great time visiting!

Mary, Eileen and Nikki


Session - Jenny and Tomo


Session -
Unk, Sarah, Ethan and others


Session - Unk, Sarah, Ethan


Session - Jason, Robin and John


Session -
John's sister, John,
Christie and observer

On Monday, we relaxed and played tourist around Cork.  There is an English Market there at which one can buy Pigs Heads.

Pig Heads in Cooler
Not to be confused with
Squirrel Heads and Gravy

On Monday night we got to hang out with everyone.  Then, on Tuesday, Brandy and I left for Shannon.

Rainy Day in Cork


Ruins on the way to Shannon


Same Ruins taken
with telephoto lens


On Tuesday night, we stayed in a B&B in Shannon (just to the west of Limerick), and being only 11 miles or so from Ennis (upper left of the map), we popped over to Ennis to find the Glor Centre, a state-of-the-art traditional music venue.  We did find it, ate supper, attended a concert featuring local fellows Tola Custy (fiddle), John (flute) and Alan (piano accordion) Kelly, Marco Pollier (uilleann pipes), and Cyril O'Donoghue (guitar and bouzouki).  They also had a sean-nos dancer or two with them.  Sean-nos dance is not Riverdance dance.  It's true traditional Irish step dance that was done in the kitchens at parties.  It is more like Appalachian clogging than Riverdance stepdance.

Ah, but then!!!  During intermission, as we walked out into the lobby, we saw none other than Martin Hayes talking to a fellow!  Martin was there, we believe, rehearsing for a show for the President of Ireland the next day.  Not bad for the last night in the country!


On Wednesday, we turned in our rental car, boarded the 767, and returned home to Cute Dog.

Home again


Cute Dog


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