Harvey's Mill - June 23, 2003

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"It's tail-waggin' good!"


Harvey's Mill is located in Kilwaughter, several miles west of Larne.  Nat showed us the way, and took us up to Harvey's house where we met his son, and told him what we wanted to do.  He said OK, so we walked back down to the old mill.  The mill was mostly still there, and had it's roof mostly on (which didn't fit the info I had on the linen mill).  Inside we found the water wheel still there, though not working, the drive trains and belts, the saws and what looked to me like a drill press.  All of this had rusted, or was in bad repair, and had pieces of roof fallen on, in or around it.

Nat said his father had brought him there in the 1960s to buy the local wood with which he built about a dozen dulcimers, one of which is Nat's!  So, this mill was important in Co. Antrim dulcimer history!  I took about 2 rolls of film of the inside and out.  Here are a couple of pictures of the outside of the mill:

Harveys Mill outside


Harveys Mill other side


Then we left.  We dropped Nat off at home, went to eat at another award winning pub restaurant, The Kiln, then relaxed a bit and got to bed before sundown.

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